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What do our people say?


Marco Gonçalves
Website Coordinator

How long have you been working at Angora?

  •  A year and eight months ago.

Tell us a little about your journey in Angora?

  • I started at Angora as a production collaborator, more precisely in the bodywork area. After 4 months they trusted me in the foam cutting area, being more autonomous in the tasks performed. After a year of dedication, I was given the opportunity to grow within the company again, this time in the area of digital marketing, more precisely as Website Coordinator. 

How do you describe your journey?

  • It has been a journey so far of overcoming, work and resilience. 

What role do you play at the moment?

  • Website coordinator.

How did you approach your role mobility?

  • It was a motivating change but the responsibilities inherent to my duties were always present.

Do you consider that your previous roles helped you in your current role?

  • Yes, being in the production area increased my knowledge about our products. 

In one word, how do you describe Angora?

  • Motivating.

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