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What do our people say?


Pedro Dias

Customer Experience

How long have you been working at Angora? 

  • I have worked at Angora for 2 years and 1 month. 

Tell us a little about your journey in Angora? 

  • I started at Angora in the area of quality control, packaging and shipping. 


How do you describe your journey? 

  • My journey was rich in information, as I have always been interested in the product we produce, I always tried to have as much information as possible so that I could always perform well on a daily basis. 


What role do you currently play? 

  • I am currently working in the Customer Experience area/section. ​


How did you approach your role mobility? 

  • I saw this role mobility as recognition for the work I have done over time. It showed me that effort can be rewarded! 


Do you consider that your previous role helped you in your current role? 

  • Undoubtedly! Over time I have managed to acquire immense knowledge about the product we produce, which makes it much easier for me to explain all the features to customers, taking into account their tastes and needs. 

In one word, how do you describe Angora? 

  • Angora cannot be explained, we are simply Different! 

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