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Controller of methods and times


Training in Methods and Times;

Knowledge of continuous improvement tools, in quality;

Professional experience in similar roles;

Knowledge of quality tools (eg 5 Why´s, Ishikawa, PDCA);

Strong results and internal customer orientation;

Organizational capacity, autonomy;

Knowledge of MS Office;

Basic knowledge in English (oral and written communication);

Quick communication, cooperation and adaptation skills;

Strong empathy and sense of commitment;

Resilient, proactive and creative.


Define the work methodologies and standard times of the different operations;

Participate in continuous improvement actions and organization of factory layouts;

Participate in productive problem solving activities;

Ensure the definition of methods for executing production tasks (operating modes);

Create work instructions aimed at ensuring the smooth running of production;

Implement the defined tasks on the shop floor;

Monitor and evaluate production results;

Continuously improve the production process.


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