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What do our people say?

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Pedro Sampaio


How long have you been working at Angora? 

  • I have been working at Angora for 1 year and 6 months. 

Tell us a little about your journey in Angora? 

  • I started at Angora in the bodywork area where I learned the first steps in producing a sofa. After a few months I went through the pillow section and was given the opportunity to learn how to upholster. 

How do you describe your journey? 

  • It was a very challenging journey, as I had never worked in the upholstery sector, but I always had the support of the company and co-workers. However, it was a very positive journey of learning and self-improvement. 


What role do you currently play? 

  • Upholsterer.


How did you approach your role mobility? 

  • Wanting to learn more and motivated because I felt they trusted my abilities.


Do you consider that your previous role helped you in your current role? 

  • Definitely, because in my previous role I learned the entire process that goes into the hull until it reaches the upholstery. 

In one word, how do you describe Angora? 

  • Dynamics.

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